When it comes to wireless networks, everyone seems to fall into two groups:

  • Geeks and nerds who constantly banter and blog over which wifi networking products they like the most
  • Everyone else who usually don’t nerd out about technology but get really irritated when their wifi networks don’t work.
    If you’re everyone else, this blog post is for you.

Most folks don’t read the blogs written by the first group, even though they are desperately trying to make sense of a problem that is, for all intents, invisible. I read the geek-nerd blog posts because I’m always on the lookout for a wi-fi network product better than what I currently use in my home and office.

I use a wi-fi network technology that is so good, on so many levels, that I’ve set up hundreds of other homes and offices with it. To-date, not a single product has even come close to its speed, reliability and security. The trouble is, a lot of techs put too much emphasis on price – what will fix the problem in front of me today – instead of looking for the most effective solution that enables resolving issues today and, better yet, preventing the problems from recurring tomorrow.


My customers are in the second group above (most aren’t nerds and geeks). They prioritize other aspects of their lives and businesses way above tech. Tech problems, like wifi disconnects and slow wifi, interrupt life and work. And the interruption can exponentially compounds: Going to a computer store, asking for wireless network advice; Finding and hiring a consultant to fix your wireless network; Then after paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars, finding new or the same wireless problems happening again. This is a Wile-e-Coyote scenario.

To be continued…