Step 1

Call Us

We’ll answer all your questions and help you understand your data recovery options, including price and turnaround time.  We’ll also identify what data is most important to you, even though we’ll always focus on a complete recovery. Even when you authorize us to proceed, there is no obligation to pay until we are successful.

Step 2


A delivery agent will pick up your hard drive, or your smart device or even your whole computer when it contains the failed drive.  Your equipment will be safely transported to our service center in Kobe.

Step 3


At our service center our certified technicians immediately begin the process of preparing your drive for data recovery, including safely removing failed drives from devices and computers when necessary. Your drive will then be transferred to our global Certified ISO-5 Cleanroom where the data recovery process begins.


Step 4

Updates & Confirmation

Throughout the data recovery process, we will contact you with regular updates. We’ll call you to discuss the results once the recovery is complete, so you can confirm we’ve recovered the data you need. We’ll provide you final pricing that will never exceed the original estimate, and receive your final approval.

Step 5

Data Saved & Returned

With your data recovered, we’ll return your data back to you, safely encrypted to protect your privacy and security. We can also provide advice and support related to getting your device, and even your life and business back to the way it was before the data loss happened.

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